Our Snowmobile Trip

St. Anton #37 next to Canyon Lodge

Mammoth Lakes, Ca - http://www.mammothcondos.com

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In spring of 2002 we did a 2 hour trip with Mammoth Snowmobile Adventures. We took the 2 hour trip guided.  The trails will test you. We took off down these back country trails to Inyo Mono Craters. Brian had to work to hang on. We stopped off at the Craters to rest then we went on to the open valley that you see here. A two hour trip is just about right.   Guides are a good thing. Guides keep you from getting lost and running into each other and trees at high speeds. They do not hold you back. That is why they offer insurance at the start of the trip. We snowboarded for the first half day and then we did this trip mid day. I recommend making reservations in advance but once they have your money you need to show up or you risk loosing you deposit. It was sunny when we went on this trip.  I think snowmobiling can be done in a wide range of weather conditions so you don't risk too much making the reservation.   Mammoth Snowmobile Adventures is in a trailer on the right hand side of the Main Lodge parking lot. There is parking in front of the trailer.They offer snowmobile helmets and face shields. If you want they have jump suits .

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This is a double. The guy on the back hangs on to that book rack sort of thing on the back. We got up to 40mph in this field. You need to have a drivers license to rent one of these. This could get out of hand for 16 year olds.  For a 16 year old I would get insurance for sure.