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St. Anton Condo Rental Mammoth Mountain- Covered Parking Garage


While others dig their cars out in the Canyon Lodge parking lot 50 yards away, you can ski. This garage is also a nice place to put chains on or take chains off. You won't get snowed on while you unpack/pack your car. Your car will most likely start because it has been out of the weather. The height limit is 6 ft. 8 in. There is some parking for taller vehicles but please let the staff know you will need outside parking when you make your reservation they will assume your will use the garage.



Parking Garage Video

Driving Up Canyon into the Parking Garage


So... You don't want to Stay Next to the Lifts in Covered Parking?  Watch this Instructional Video.

Tools you will need before you leave

  So... You want to Drive to Canyon Lodge Part II    

This shot is was taken looking out of the St. Anton Building B Garage.  The building in the background is AustriaHof.  If your car is above 6 ft. 8 in. you will need to park in the outside parking lot.  You should avoid parking outside because:

  1. You may have problems starting your car.

  2. If you need to chain up it is easier to chain a warm dry car in underground parking.

  3. You don't need to dig out your car every time you want to go to dinner or Vons.

  4. You can Ski / Snowboard more.

If you have Yakima or Tule racks with storage cases you will need to let the office know you will need outside parking.  However, the inside parking spaces do have room to store your storage case if the case is removed from the top of your car.  This is my procedure:

  1. Pull your car up to the entrance of Building B.

  2. Unload your roof top case into a dry covered area in the garage.

  3. Remove your case from your Car Top and walk the case to your parking spot. I have Yakima racks that permit me to remove my case while keeping the crossbars attached.

Photo by Ian Swankie Dec 2002.