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St. Anton # 37 Condo Rental near Canyon Lodge/Warming Hut II Mammoth Lakes Information Sheet



895 Canyon Blvd. Building B Unit #37, Mammoth Lakes CA 93546

Condo Guest Phone number 760 934 7523

web site for unit #37 http://www.mammothcondos.com/

email comments to owner.

I would like you to e-mail me your comments about what you liked about St. Anton #37 and what you would like to see in the future (i.e. voice mail?). Your comments will help us prioritize improvements. I would like to post your comments on the #37 web site http://www.mammothcondos.com/. if you do not mind.

Media One Mammoth Lakes Cable Channels - 934 8553

Note: If you have problems getting cable channels above channel 13, make sure the TV remote CA TV button is pressed.

chi station chi station chi station chi station
2 fox 11 ESPN 26 weather channel 36 History Channel
3 NBC 12 outdoor life 27 discovery channel    
4 CNN 13 kola 28 MTV    
5 Media One Local 15 Family Channel 29 lifetime    
6 PBS 16 Disney Channel 30 fox sports    
7 espn2 17 USA network 31 nickelodeon    
8 ABC 19 learning Channel 32 vh1    
9 span 20 CNN 33 home shopping net    
10 CBS 22 A & E 35 animal planet    

The Stereo has cable recepton.

How to Set TV, VCR and Nintendo for Game Play

Nintendo 64 Settings

  1. Power on the Nintendo Box on top left hand side of box

VCR Settings

  1. Power on VCR

  2. Press CHI (^) arrows until the channel displayed on the VCR is L1. "AU" is the channel before Channel 2. This channel selects the AX video input port on the VCR.

  3. Press the (TV/VIDEO) button until the "video" is displayed on the VCR display panel

TV Settings

  1. Press power on TV
  2. Turn channel on TV to Channel 03

Note: We have 2 controllers in the condo. If you wish you can bring up to 2 more controllers so 4 people can play Mario Carts. We have only one game. We have had some problems in the past of people taking the game cartridge into other condos in the complex. Please do not take the game out of the condo. If you bring other games with you, keep the Mario Cart game in the cabinet this way it can't get mixed up with your other games. In the past I have had to pay FEDX charges to replace "missing games" for unhappy kids and parents. If you don't find a game in the Nintendo please let the office know. I now keep a spare game with Joy in the office. Just in case.

Phone Numbers

A phone book is on the counter

Location Phone Number
St. Anton Unit # 37 760 934 7523
St. Anton Office - Manager 760 934 3361
St. Anton Office fax -Manager 760 934 3362
Dining Links  
Dominos Pizza 3599 Main St
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
(760) 934-5555
The Mogul Reservations Accepted: 760-934-3039
or Reservations@TheMogul.com.
Minaret Cinemas

Near Vons

437 Old Mammoth Rd
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
(760) 934-3131
Taxi - Sierra Express Taxi Service - 760 924 TAXI
Taxi - Two Dog 760 934 3030
Rick's Sport CT 3241 Main St
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
(760) 934-3416
Roberto's Mexican Cafe

Call in morning of reservation

271 Old Mammoth Rd
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
(760) 934-3667
Ski Surgeon - Overnight ski repairs  
6085 Minaret Rd.(near condo)
Mammoth Hospital
185 Sierra Park Rd  Mammoth Lakes, CA (760) 934-3311 
WaveRave - Best snowboard shop 3203 Main St. Mammoth Lakes California                  (760) 934-2471


Help yourself to the coffee. We keep the beans in the fridge. The coffee grinder should be on the counter or in one of the cabinets. Creamer and sugar are in the cabinet. The coffee is provided by us and not the rental program.  Sometimes it does not last between our visits. If you run out coffee can usually be found in the office. The office opens at 8:00am.


Shuttle Map/Map to Vons

shuttle.gif (27525 bytes)


The fireplace has a 1 hour crank timer that will light automatically. The switch next to the timer activates a fan that should be used for maximum heat output. The fireplace is a sealed unit. There is no access to open flame but the glass on the unit gets hot. If you have small children you may need to take some precaution.

Canyon Lodge

The Canyon Lodge lifts are usually open on Thanksgiving week (Scheduled November 26, 2008) and close a week or two after Easter week (April 12, 2009). When Canyon Lodge Lifts are closed you will need to shuttle or drive to the Main Lodge. If possible Check the Mammoth Mountain web site for full details on rental and ticket options before you go.   Lifts are open from 8:30am to 4:00pm but they usually open them as early as 8:15 am. So if you are buying lift tickets, leave the condo at about 7:50. The walk to the lifts near Canyon is about 5 min. but you may need some time to get through the ticket line. Chair 7 (3 minutes from Condo) is in front of the condo and is for beginners only, Chair 17/School Yard Express(8 minutes from Condo) is a new high speed beginner / intermediate chair that features a mini-snow board park including half pipe, Canyon Express(chair 16) is 9 minutes from Condo and is an intermediate high speed chair that will give you the most elevation gain and Chair 8 (10 minutes from Condo) beginner / Intermediate.


Lift Tickets at Canyon Lodge

Canyon lodge is close but the lifts are closer to the condo (click here to see trail map).  I like to walk to the lodge via the path in front of chair 7(117 yds).  Once you are at chair 7 you can kick/poll/skate/walk to the lodge (about 250 yds)  for your lift tickets. This keeps you out of the parking lot. I suggest sending one person to the lodge for the tickets at about 8:00am and the rest of your party stays back at the condo.  The lifts open between 8:15 and 8:30. If you wait until 10:00, the ticket line can look like a zoo during holidays and weekends. The person who gets the tickets reports the conditions to the people the condo. Everyone then heads up the chair 7 path and starts skiing at chair 7 or School Yard Express (chair 17). 

Beginner (required reading if you have kids)

Chair 7 is right out front. Beginner lift tickets allow access to chair 7, School Yard Express (Chair 17) and the beginner chair in front of the Main Lodge. If you have kids or adults that are just starting to ski consider a beginner lift ticket at a discounted rate. I you are not sure if you will be happy with a beginner ticket then buy a beginner ticket and make sure you can upgrade it to a regular ticket later on in the day.

Case for beginner ticket for adult: 2 adults with children that will only ski on chair 7 / School Yard Express (beginner chairs). Since one Adult will always be skiing / boarding on the beginner run why buy two expensive adults tickets when you could buy 1 beginner adult ticket and 1 all lifts ticket at a much lower overall price. Lift tickets can be attached to clothing articles with plastic ties. It is possible transfer a ticket from one article of clothing to another article of clothing so a ticket could be used by two people. .

Adult Beginner Packages

Each includes Rossignol Short Cut skis or snowboard rental, 3-hour daily lesson beginning at 10am, and beginner lift ticket. This is how I converted from Skier to Snowboarder. The snowboarding conversion involves quite a bit of  body impact. Wrist guards come with the package but consider a helmet and butt pad also.  Don't board without wrist guards! Adults over 30 need a butt pad.

Under 7 - Free

Your kids will not be "carded". Children need not be present when you get the 6 and under pass at Canyon Lodge but you will need to put a pass on your child for each day they will ski / board.  If you like you can get a multiple day pass for your children to save you the hassle of cutting off the free pass each day.

Teens 13 -19

Costs more that "child" and less than "adult". You will not be "carded" when you buy your ticket.

Half Day

12:30 to 4:00 pm. Many people that do the snowboarding lesson above choose to do half day on the day after :-)

Multiple Day Passes

If you plan to stay multiple days then you may want to get a multiple day pass but .. check the weather forecast first on the weather channel or a local radio station ! Holding a multiple day pass on a blizzard day can be a bad thing because you won't get a refund. It is sometimes better to buy a half day on blizzard days. Kids have a low tolerance to cold.

Season Passes

My family and some of my friends get a Grandfathered "MVP Pass" in the Spring of each year.  The cost of the adult MVP passes were about $576 for the 2008/2009 season.  As a general rule they are priced so they pay for themselves in about 7 days.  About March of each year the passes go on sale if you want to by a new pass this is the best time to buy them because they discount them. After April you need to pay something like $1,675 for a season pass.  You can buy the passes on the Mammoth Mountain web site or by telephone. Remember to have your children's correct birthdates handy before you call. 

Lessons at Canyon

Canyon offers both group and private lessons for snowboarding and skiing. The Mammoth Mountain web site has more detail. The morning group lessons start at 10am and end at 1:00pm.  Canyon Lodge is about a 5 minute walk from the condo. Plan on leaving the condo at about 9:15 if you have a 10:00 lesson and you already have your boards/skis. If your kids are new to boarding then have them fasten and losen their bindings 20 times before they start their lessons. You can make your reservations in advance and buy your tickets by calling 1 800 mammoth (7am -10pm?). Have a good look at the weather forecast before making a lesson in advance for children under 7.  Bad weather causes the under 7 lessons to retreat inside for hot coco an it turns into an expensive baby sitting session (well maybe that's all it is any way).

Private lessons start at 8:45. The 8:45 lessons are at a discounted rate. You will need to call the night before to make a reservation for the "early bird" private lessons.

If you have kids that want to board make sure you have wrist guards and helmets. Check the hardware on their boards and make sure it is tight. I may (if no walks off with them)  have some tools in the drawer next to the stove and Canyon Lodge has screw drivers and wrenches.


A limited number of coin lockers are available at Canyon Lodge. Change machines are available near the lockers. I have no use for lockers because the condo is right next to chair 7.

Boards and Skis

They have a board and ski check at lunch time at Canyon Lodge. I have no use for this because I eat lunch at the condo.


Make sure you park in your assigned space and display your parking tag. If your party will be having more than 1 car please contact the St. Anton Manager as soon as possible to try to arrange an additional parking spot. Failure to display your parking tag could result in your car being towed.  The parking garage has a 6 ft. 8 in limit (some areas are 6 ft. 6in. but can be avoided). Measure your car first if you have a high profile rack system on it.  Parking before or after check-in / out must be arranged with the office in advance. Never park in Austria Hof parking lot across the street unless you have made parking arrangements with Austria Hof. The Austria Hof  routinely applies "boots" to parking violators vehicles.

TIP: There is a 90% chance you will be put in parking spot #37 in building B.  On your way to parking spot #37, you can stop your car 20 feet into the garage entrance near the brown door that leads to the stairway.  Click here to see. I like to unload everything out of my car here then drive my car to the parking spot 100ft away. This saves you some unloading time by eliminating  unnecessary trips back and forth to your car.

Rec. Room / Jacuzzi / Condo Map

The Rec. Room has a pool table and video games. If you want to play you will need to bring quarters. The Jacuzzis are located in the pool area next to the Rec. Room. No glass is permitted in the Pool area. Use the plastic containers in the condo if you need to. 

TIP: The rec room has a dry sauna. If you are going to use the Jacuzzi then put your towel, shirt, key in the sauna. This way your stuff will be dry and hot when you exit the Jacuzzi. The nearest spa next to the Rec Room is the hottest spa. If you have kids try the spa furthest away from the Rec Room.


condomap.gif (66267 bytes)

About St. Anton Condominiums

St. Anton is made up of three main buildings for a total of 84 units divided evenly between one and two bedroom units sitting on 2.3 acres of land. The complex owns and operates two snowplows to make sure that St. Anton is always accessible.

Over 50 units within the complex participate in the St. Anton Rental program. This is a separate corporation run by the participating unit owners. St. Anton's rental policies and rules are set by the elected Board of Directors of the participating units. The board is a dedicated group of people that oversee the operations of the program. In most years winter reservations can be made starting October 1.  Each owner is responsible for furnishing and maintaining their unit to St. Anton standards.

Richard and Joy Cress manage the complex. They have been here since 1978. They are responsible for the management and operation of the Rental Program. Richard and Joy are also real estate agents that usually act as buyers and sellers agents for most units sold in the complex. Most of St. Anton rental business is generated by word of mouth, location recognition and repeat visits. Owners are motivated maintain and improve their rental program unit by the rental program managers, Richard and Joy. Owners with units in the rental program must meet certain standards or they will not be able to participate in the rental program. 

Each unit is different because it is owned and decorated by its owner.  When you call or book your reservation on-line  you can request certain a certain units that have certain features.   The features that make #37 unique:

TIP: The units vary in quality. If you choose to book on-line, each unit can be viewed before booking. If you book on the telephone, ask the Managers to recommend a unit and make a SPECIAL REQUEST FOR THAT UNIT otherwise you will get the next available unit and this may not be the best thing for you.

You can find out more about the complex by speaking with Richard in the office, sending e-mail to me or speaking with an owner in the hot tub after boarding/skiing, mountain bike riding. The hot tub method is how I get most of my information.

Owner of #37

My name is Danny. I am divorced and live with Jillian (age 20)  my Daughter and Brian (age 16) my Son in Redondo Beach, CA. I'm sort of retired now as long as my money lasts that is.  I purchased this unit June 15, 1998. I am the Web Master for the #37 web site. I'm starting to spend more time the this web site when I'm not going on sailing trips, surf trips or hanging out in Mammoth. Half the site runs on a server at my house.  St. Anton Rentals Inc. pays me a small commission for referrals that enables me to run http://www.mammothcondos.com. The decision to purchase at St. Anton was made while in the hot tub after a few beers and I have not regretted it yet. The rental income of this unit to helps make the payments. We enjoy the winter here in Mammoth. I also like to mountain bike and hike here in the summer. I  plan to spend about 50 days per year here with my friends and family.  My friend Annette has a place in town so sometimes I stay with her and rent my condo. So if my condo appears rented and you have a 5 night+ stay in mind, let me know I may be willing to stay at my friends place.

Sofa Bed

The Sofa in the living room folds out into a bed.  


The king size bed has a dual control electric blanket. Sometimes the cleaning people forget to plug in the connections from the controls to the connectors on the blanket at the foot of the bed when they change the bedding.  I recommend you inspect these connections if you don't feel the blanket heat. Extra blankets are in the closet in the hall area.

Snow Play - Sleds

You will find these in the closet next to the TV. My kids like to play around the path to chair 7.  A better place is off forest trail road. Turn right after you exit the St. Anton driveway, go down the Canyon Blvd 2 streets and turn right on Forest Trail. You should see a good place for snow play on the right side of the street.

Office Information

Office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm. Go  to the office to exchange for fresh towels and replenish supplies like toilet paper, shampoo, soap and paper towels. When the office is closed you can get your key from the lock box just inside the office door. If you know you will be arriving after the office is closed you will need to call the office and get the combination to the lock box. Your key and parking pass will be in the lock box. You can call the office from the condo by dialing 760 934 3361.


St. Anton is right next to the Mountain so we do get visits from local bears.  They are harmless if you keep your distance. The bears like to look through the dumpsters in the garage. Avoid keeping food in your car.


This unit has electric heaters near bunks, sliding glass door and the bedroom window. The heaters are controlled by individual thermostats. See the floor plan for heater locations.

TIP: Use the heater next to the bunk beds to heat the living room area and leave the heater next to the sliding glass door off. This will make less noise for the persons in the master bedroom.

Washer / Dryer

Washer and Dryer are located in a room off the  the Building B garage level hallway.  The Dryer has a gentle heat setting that is ideal for drying wet ski wear at lunch time. See map.

Oven / Range

The condo has an electric oven range with flush top burners for easy cleaning.

Cell Phone - Coverage

Cell phone service works well in the condo and on the mountain.  My AT&T phone says Cingular when I am in the Mammoth Area. Cell phones can be a good way to communicate to members of your party should you split up.  I can receive e-mail on my cell phone in mammoth.

TIP:  Program the Mammoth Ski Patrol number 1 760 934 2571, Mammoth Ranger Station 1 760 924 5000 and the #37 phone number 760 934 7523 into your cell phone if you like to go off by yourself in chair 9 land.

Mountain Bike Park

The trail ends up right a the bottom of chair 7. You can see chair 7 from the living area. To ride on the mountain when the park is open (closes at 4:00pm) you need a pass on your bike. Passes are issued at the main lodge.  To get to the main lodge with your bike you can ride down Canyon Blvd to the Daily Grind where you can take a shuttle to the mail lodge with your bike.  If you want to ride uphill and "chance it" (getting a fine),  you can ride down Canyon Blvd to the "uptown" bike trail next to the Daily Grind on Minaret near Canyon Blvd. If you have kids you may want to take the shuttle up to the Main Lodge and ride down to the Condo via "downtown".

Check In / Out

The check out time is 10:00 am without exception (I can't even get an exception).  Check in time is 4:00pm. St. Anton Rentals Inc has a fixed number of cleaning staff that we use in busy and slow times so when it is busy they have quite a bit of work to do.  If your room is available before 4:00 pm the office may permit earlier check-in. When parking capacity permits, the office sometimes allows you to stay parked in the garage or out front in St. Anton reserved parking after check-out.   This allows you to pack your stuff in you car in a covered garage and ski the day of check out.  I recommend setting some clothes aside and using the shower/restroom in the rec. room to change out of your ski clothes.

Click here to see my the Virtual Check In Page. Check-in after hours is done by lock box outside the office. Make sure you call the office to get the lock box combination if there is any chance you will arrive after 5:00pm.

Taxi Service

If you don't feel like chaining up to go out. You may want to take a taxi into town. Going into town costs about $12 and going to the Airport costs $20. I am aware of two taxi companies.


Mammoth Airport ( Mammoth Yosemite Airport )

Alaska Airlines expects to be flying passengers from major hubs, non-stop, into Mammoth Yosemite Airport by the starting the winter of 2008.


Commercial Airport. 90 minute drive depending on weather. If you fly Alaska there is a possibility you my be diverted to Reno in the very possible case of bad weather.

Bus Service to and from the Town of Mammoth

I don't know of any and I have tried to find a ride back to LA.

First Aid

I try and maintain a limited first aid supply in the closet next to the bath area sink. Some of it items include Aspirin, Decongestant, Tampons ...


Driving Around Mammoth

If you don't have chains or a 4WD and it is snowing outside chain up before driving down Canyon Blvd. Chains will enhance your stopping power and it is challenging driving up the hill without chains or 4WD with snow on the ground. It is much easier to chain up in the garage than down in town in the dark.

TIP: Don't drink and drive in Mammoth. The Mammoth Police give out quite a few DUI citations each year. They like to wait outside bars and pull people over.  Not that you would drink and drive ...  but make sure you take the back way home up Minaret to Canyon Blvd, come to a complete stop at every stop sign and make sure all your tail lights are working.


I usually put snowboards in the closet next to the TV. Please carefully wax your boards in the hall outside and not in the living room. If you bring snowboards you are going to need tools to keep the bindings tight. Please do all your binding adjustment on the carpet .  I may have a very limited set of tools in the drawer next to the stove. Please replace the tools after you use them.  All lodge areas on the mountain have tool benches.

TIP: Convert from skiing to boarding. I skied for 20 years and converted at age 40. Boarding is 3 times as fun as skiing and the boots are comfortable. Your skills from skiing transfer to boarding!!. Make sure you have helmet, wrist guards and butt guard on your first day! Skiers will need them because they will tend to be unafraid of speed. You learn your first lessons by hitting the ground hard.

TIP: BOARD BINDINGS ARE IN A CONSTANT STATE OF DISASSEMBLY. Check every screw on your bindings each morning. You don't want to be way out somewhere and lose a part. It is very hard getting back with a broken binding. Consider boarding with compact snow board tool it will bail you out!.

Parents of Snowboarders

Snowboarding is not like skiing. It is far easier to break your wrist our have head injury while snowboarding. Don't let your kids tell you different.!!

Wrist Guards:

Please do not let your children / teens snowboard without wrist guards. My family has gloves with integrated wrist guards. Some wrist guards go over the gloves, some go under the gloves. I have seen too many wrist injuries in my 4 year time snowboarding. Snowboarding wrist guards are the best because they are make to go with gloves. Skating wrist guards will also work but try them with your gloves first. I have had a hard time finding wrist guards here in Los Angeles.  WaveRave in Mammoth has them.  Here is a DaKine wrist guard.


The most important purpose of  helmets are to protect your children from others on the mountain. My 7 year old was hit by a 160 pound snowboarder on Downhill and he flew 20 yards. I saw the entire thing and my son did not have a helmet on. Each person in my family now has a helmet.

Butt Pads

Adults need these on their first day of snowboarding to minimize tuning fork syndrome (you hit the ground so hard your body feels like a tuning fork).

Knee Pads

Adults on their first day of snowboarding should consider wearing knee pads under their pants.


Unlike skiing, boarders send more time sitting on the snow. It is critical to have waterproof snowboard pants. Ski jackets can be worn boarding, however they tend to be too short. It is nice to have a jacket that is long enough to sit on the snow with.

Trails Boarding / Skiing on Mammoth Mountain

Here are some trips that I have taken with my family and friends.   Mammoth is big. Go and explore it. Lifts are underlined. Runs are not. Click here to see St. Anton on the Trail Map.

Ability / Conditions Avg. Round Trip Route / Lifts Destination Comments
Beginner na chair 7 chair 7 You have a view of chair 7 from Condo
Beginner / Intermediate na Chair 17 Mini Board Park You have a view of the mini half pipe from the Condo. The jumps are mellow and your kids can board or ski down the middle of the pipe just to say they did it.
Beginner / Intermediate na chair 17 chair 17 Next to chair 7. You can see the chairs from the condo. My favorite intermediate run. Lots of stuff to do.
Beginner / Intermediate up to 2 hrs chair 17 > round robin > down hill > chair 8 > holiday > pumpkin > lumpkin > eagle express > chickadee > swell > clover leaf Little Eagle lodge Mostly beginner ride with one intermediate part at end at swell. If you can do chair 17 you should be able to do this. You will cover quite a bit of ground.
Intermediate 3.0 hrs chair 7 > roller coaster > easy rider > stump alley express > Panorama Gondola > upper  road runner > chair 13 > white bark ridge > lower road runner > Broadway Express > stump alley > Gold rush Express > Solitude > crosswalk > spring canyon > ginger bread > school yard Top of Mammoth Mountain then to Main Lodge Visit Mc Coy Station ride gondola to the top of Mammoth Mountain 11,053 ft. Ski / Board down the backside of Mammoth Mountain then visit the Main Lodge. Then back to the condo. Long trip, so you may want to stop at outpost at chairs 13,14.
Advanced Powder / Trees after you hear morning Avalanche Blasting. Popular with locals after a big storm. Chair 22 Opens before runs on the top. 20 min one way Canyon Express > Downhill > Chair 22

Alternate: If Chair 22 is closed then try taking chair 8 to chair 25 and take a small hike up to chair 22. You can watch everyone craving power waiting for 22 to open while your carve fresh power. yea!

Chair 22 only when 4-6+ inches of fresh powder. Be at Canyon Express at 8:15am or you will miss the best of it!
  1. Viva (some trees)
  2. Shaft ( chute )
  3. Avalanche (AVI) chutes
To get to Avi # 2 chute: Get off 22 unstrap your board, do a right U turn as you come off the lift, take off your skis, board. Scramble over some rocks on your left down a traverse path (look for the traverse path) about 5-25 yds until you are clear of rocks. Strap / Snap in.

To get to Avi # 3 chute: Get off 22 unstrap your board, do a right U turn as you come off the lift, take off your skis, board. Scramble up the rock ridge between the chair 22 lift house and the face of AVI #2.Strap / Snap in.

Advanced / Powder Trees (do this !) 1 hr one way Canyon Express > Downhill > Chair 22 > quicksilver > chair 9 > Ricochet > Stay in Trees between Ricochet and quicksilver / gold hill  > chair 9 ( repeat) > cat trail to solitude > Downhill > spring canyon > Condo Power and Trees on chair 9 by yourself. If you hear blasting in the morning you need to go to chair 9 (after chair 22). If you are afraid of the powder you can ski / board in and out of it from the groomed runs. If you are a skier be careful not to lose your skis you may not find them.  After a heavy snow, chair 9 is slow to open you will need to use Chair 5. Alternate: Take Canyon Express > Chair 5. Head left. Keep the chair 5 tower on your left as you head toward chair 9. Head for the first power and trees you see to your right. Come out of the trees around chair 25. From the top of 25 head to the base of chair 5 and (repeat).
Advanced / Power Trees / Mountaineering 2.5 hrs Canyon Express > Stump Alley Express > Panorama Gondola > head towards Daves Run, Pass Daves run (don't go down Daves) > stay on mountain ridge follow  mountain boundary markers and head toward Beyond the Edge. This is a narrow trail at the top of these cliffs(don't slip). Just after you pass the Beyond the edge you will see the Dragons Back chutes(three in all). The first one is the most difficult. > chair 9 > cat trail to solitude > Downhill > spring canyon > Condo Adventure : Dragons Back in Chair 9 land This area is quite remote. Best done after fresh snow (after avalanche blasting) or 1 - 2 days after fresh snow. You know the conditions are good for this trip if you hear blasting in the morning. Do this trip with a friend and a cell phone. Make sure the winds at chair 9 are not nuke'ng Make sure Ricochet is not icy. You will need to walk some of the way to the launching point. Board Strapping in is a bit difficult. I like to sit on the edge of the ridge facing the opposite side of the Mountain and strap my board on then I roll over to the side I will drop in. If you look down the chutes and decide you don't really what to do it you can always walk about 20 minutes back to Daves and go down Daves.
Intermediate/Advanced  when you want to Ski / Ride with all of Los Angeles on a run 1 hr one way Canyon Express > Stump Alley Express > Panorama Gondola >Cornice Cornice Bowl If you like going down a steepish groomed run and have people stopping in front of you all the time this run is for you. This is the beginners black diamond run. Use this as a warm up run then go elsewhere.
Advanced Vertical - Wipe Out Chutes 1 hr one way chair 7 > roller coaster > easy rider > stump alley express > chair 23 >Wipe Out Chutes Wipe Out Chutes off chair 23 Turn right after you exit chair 23. Head along edge of cliff until you see a break in fence. Peek over and choose your entry point.
Advanced Vertical - HangMan's 1 hr one way Canyon Express > Stump Alley Express > Panorama Gondola >Hangmans Hangmans Hollow From the Gondola, keep to your right and head down toward Cornice. Your first time, enter Hangmans on to skiers right. This will provide a better entry. Hangman's has a hour glass shape. So if you "eat it" on the drop in you will side down the middle of the hour glass if you are lucky and you will slide over rocks if you are unlucky. Take a good look at it from the Gondola on your way to the top.
Advanced Vertical - Paranoid Flats Area  on reasonable base

My noids pictures

2.5 hrs Canyon Express > Stump Alley Express > Chair 23  > Paranoid Flats > Panorama Gondola > Daves > Solitude > Condo Paranoid Flats then Daves Paranoid Flats notes: Turn right off  chair 23 and get good speed running down the hill toward chair 14 pass Scotty's and look for an (the first is P1) opening in the fence.  Check for rocks and plan your trip down before you huck yourself off the edge of the cliff. The first opening is less risky but if the coverage is good walk up the trail a bit and pick another launch point. My favorite launch is next to a tombstone shaped rock at the far end of Paranoid. This is called P3. The path narrows as you approach P3. Don't be afraid of P3 is looks worse than it is but strapping in is a bit more difficult. If you look down and you don't want to do it go to Scottys. Once you start down Paranoid Flats, I recommend you head to your left toward the narrow rocky chute. You will be rewarded or you will be punished. It is a long slide if you fall. I have not been punished yet :-}.

Daves Run notes:  You will need to take a cat trail to Daves. If you board then you will need to unstrap and walk a bit. Stop when you get to the antennas and strap on your board. The adventurous will want to head 100-150 feet left of the antennas and ride Daves Wave. Others can head far right for a less vertical trip. Daves is single black diamond but dropping in on Daves Wave is double black (my opinion).

Advanced Heuvos Grande need quite a bit of base or forget it. 1 Hr Canyon Express > Stump Alley Express > Panorama Gondola >Heuvos BIG BALLS

Take your friends here and listen to them whine.

Take the Daves run cat trail and about 150-200 feet past the Gondi house look for some tracks heading left toward the peak of the mountain.  Heuvos 'proper' takes you down a short narrow chute that needs a large amount of coverage. Oh yea, and there is that cliff if you fall. Some prefer 'Chicken' Heuvos where you enter Heuvos more from the Rock Garden Side.
Advanced Out of Bounds Hole in the Wall 3 Hrs Canyon Express > Stump Alley Express > Panorama Gondola> Radar Towers by Daves Run A natural tunnel through the rock and you can't quite grasp the concept of its size until you are passing through.
Thanks to Tim for showing me the way. Head toward the Radar Towers at the top of Daves. Strap you board on and go down the saddle on the backside of the mountain about 100 yards then traverse skiers left as high as you can for about 1/2 mile. The trees will open up a bit and you will be able see a large cave looking formation. Go through the cave then traverse left again toward a bridge that leads to Tamarack Lodge. Tamarack has bus service in season to Canyon Lodge and The Village. In the spring you will need to leave a car Tamarack.

A fun trip on the right day with the right precautions, but you could die if you do something stupid. Make sure you let someone know you are going. Carry a few cell phones with different companies. Reception is sometimes not so good as of 1/2006. Carry spare binding parts and tools. Bring extra warm clothes just in case. Carry a whistle.

Buy / Renting / Repairing Boarding Ski Stuff

Step-in or Strap Snow Board Bindings???

I was a skier so I thought step-in  snowboard bindings would be best because I could not get used to the idea of sitting down in the snow to strap my board on. Well... Strap in bindings are the way to go. If... you get a good ratchet mechanism e.g. Burton. You can tell a good ratchet by working the mechanism about 20 times. If you can't easily release and close the mechanism after practicing 20 times in the store with ungloved hands then forget it!!!. Don't rent / buy the stuff. Make your kids practice this 40 times before their first time using the bindings. Don't start your kids with step in bindings!! They need to learn to use strap in!! Reasons to get strap in bindings:

  1. The step-in mechanisms get full of power on powder days and it is difficult to "lock in". When you are in a pile of powder that you can't easily walk out of this becomes a big problem. Powder in the binding may not be a problem in Big Bear but this can be a big problem off the trail in Mammoth. You can still get strap in bindings to work with 1/2 inch of snow between your boot and you binding base.

  2. You will need to find boots that are compatible with your step in bindings. This can be a pain in the @!&@^.  There are more that one set of standards for step in bindings..

  3. You should be able to find a wider selection of products for  strap-in bindings. This wider selection can ultimately lead to lower gear prices. You will be able to interchange gear more freely between family and friends because compatibility between boots and bindings will be less of an issue.

  4. If you break your bindings or you lose a part (more common) chances are that you will be able to find parts if you have strap in bindings.

  5. Strap in bindings have a higher resale value. Especially if you buy Burton Bindings (I ride Burton Missions. Brian rides Burton Customs. Excellent Bindings). Burton stands behind their bindings. Burton parts are available at WaveRave in Mammoth.

  6. Strap in bindings are more reliable because they are usually simple in design. Simple is better.


Mammoth has quite a few rental shops but I think you should rent where you live. Time spent renting is time not having fun so I recommend that you rent before you start your vacation. On big weekends I have seen Mammoth sell out of rental stuff. If you rent at home then please check out all your stuff before you depart. I can't tell you how many times I have seen snow board bindings fall apart at the top of the first lift because the brain dead rental shop did not do their job. I carry a screw driver and I use it all the time mostly on other peoples rental stuff. Make sure the bindings have all the screws and they are all tight. Helmets and wrist guards should be rented with boards. WaveRave is my favorite snowboard shop. WaveRave employees really know their stuff. You can't get a job at WaveRave unless you are a serious rider. These guys/girls board all the time (200 days per year). Also I like the shop P3 where I got some killer end of the season deals. Check P3 in May for end of the season deals, they even better than WaveRave.


I buy most of my boards  at http://www.ebay.com . My kids an I are riding almost 100% ebay stuff. If you are buying used stuff on ebay you can't go wrong with Burton Snowboard gear. I also buy stuff at Wave Rave about June each year. You need to go to WaveRave in the late season and pick out the stuff you are interested. Try it on. Then about June-August call them and buy it for a greater discount as the summer progresses. WaveRave will ship. You can buy kids snowboard boots a bit big. Girls and boys boots are interchangeable so long as you remember that girls are +2 sizes bigger than boys ( Girl 6 = Boys 4 ).


I go to Canyon Lodge to get my stuff repaired. They have a next morning pickup so you don't waste time. Canyon's repair prices are about the same as other places and Canyon is next to the condo.

About how long does it take to ..

Destination Method Time
Hot Tub walking with drinks Walk 2 min
Rec Room Walk 2 min
Chair 7 walking from #37 with all your stuff and your kids Walk 5 min
Canyon Lodge or Canyon Express Walk 11 min
Chair 17 Walk 8 min
Vons Drive 15 min
Chair 8 Walk 13 min
Walk from parking space #37 to unit #37 Walk 3 min
Walk to Canyon and Ride the Gondi to The Village Gondola 15 min

Two Way Radios

The good news.. The radios have good range and because #37 (building B) is next to the mountain, people in the condo can use a radio be communicate to people on the mountain.

The bad news...too many people  have these radios. On busy days the channels tend to be congested. If you have a radio that has "sub channel" capability this will reduce the congestion. Also my teen Jillian and her friends have used these radios as a sort of  "party line" to meet boys boarding on the mountain.

DVD / CD / MP3  / GIF / JPG Player

The audio in connected to the AUX source on the TEAC tuner. The Video output is connected to the Television via LINE 1 on the VCR. To use :

  1. Power on TV set to channel 3

  2. Power on VCR set to LINE 1

  3. Power on TEAC Stereo set to AUX source

  4. Power on KLH DVD/CD/MP3

  5. follow menu on TV

tip: Bring your MP3s they are far more compact than standard audio CDs.


Standard VHS VCR. You can plug your camera to the audio and video jacks on the front LINE 2 source.

Tip: Consider renting 5 day rental CDs from your local video store and bring them up.

The Village at Mammoth

The 15-passenger gondola is a 5 minute walk (about 200 yards) and will transport St. Anton guests from nearby Canyon Lodge to The Village at Mammoth, eliminating the need for an automobile once your car is parked in the St. Anton parking garage. With the ability to handle 3,000 guests per hour, a six-minute ride on the new gondola will quickly and efficiently connect the mountain to shops and dining at The Village. This is going to be very popular with the Mocha Latte crowd because they have a Starbucks! In late November 2003 we went to Lakanuki with the kids. Drinks were $3.00 until 6:00pm. I hear this place gets wild later in the evening.

Click here for the map. Click here to find out the latest restaurants and shops.

Dumpster - Locations for Trash

The #37 has 2 trash receptacles with trash extra trash liners in the bottom of the trash receptacle. You will want to empty these once every day or so. You will need to deposit your trash in the dumpster next located at the garage entrance in building B garage.

Wireless Internet

You should be able to pickup 802.11x service if you have a wireless card on your laptop. Call Richard in the office if you have questions about the service. It's free.

Internet Access

I usually bring my laptop and connect to the 802.11x wireless network. Many ISPs have a local access number in Mammoth. You should check to see if your ISP has a local mammoth phone number before you leave. The St. Anton Office also has free internet service available. The Office has a dedicated broadband PC for guest use. Guest can use this PC to access their mail if they have web based mail service.

June Mountain - Winter ( http://www.junemountain.com )

June Mountain is about 1/4 the size of Mammoth and offers a few long high quality groomed runs. The face of June offers an excellent powder tree run. June is not crowded (yet).    Mammoth has more advanced runs but June is fun for powder and trees.

June mountain is about 30 minutes away in good weather, 60 minutes away in bad weather and you have a condo right next to Mammoth so why would you want to go to June mountain?? 

  1. The weather in Mammoth so bad that only bottom lifts are open. This condition can cause 30-40 minute Mammoth lift lines in blizzard conditions. The weather at June is almost always better and the entire mountain may be open when only a few lifts are open at Mammoth.

  2. You are bored and you what to try something new for one day and you have never been to June.

  3. You love to ski or board trees and you want to do some out of bounds boarding / skiing.  Fresh tracks at June exist when Mammoth is all tracked up.

  4. The lift tickets at June are 75% of the cost of tickets at Mammoth. Mammoth season passes work at June.

Directions to June

Take 203 to 395 North exit June Lake turn-off. 

see http://www.junemountain.com

Where to go:

Rainbow Summit

J1 to J2 to J7.  The great thing about this is advanced and intermediate skill levels can ride the chair together, ski/board there respective runs and ride on the same lift together. A double black diamond at June is equal to a single black diamond at Mammoth. Deer Bowl at June is about the same incline as the face of Chair 3 in Mammoth.

Out of Bounds Trails at June Mountain :

Recipe ( Thanks to Jeff and Annett ):

Take helmets and a whistle for each person in your group. Stay together. Allow 1 hour for each loop.

Take 2 cars. Park one car in town or at the camp ground turn-off. Drive the other car to June and take lift J1 to lift J6. Take Silverado run on Skiers right about 300 yards and duck under the ropes when you see the tracks heading into the trees. Follow the tracks for about 1/2 - 3/4 mile until you start seeing burch trees (not pine looking trees). Board / ski down to your car. Repeat.