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Canyon Lodge Mammoth Mountain

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 View of  Mini Half Pipe at Canyon Lodge Mammoth Mountain

Picture was taken from St. Anton Condo by Richard's Web Cam.

Here is a shot of the St. Anton Condo Complex from the Parking lot at Canyon Lodge. Rotate Right (south) and you can see Canyon Lodge. Rotate 180 degrees (north) and you can see the trail to chair 7.


Canyon Lodge

The View from St. Anton Condos. Lodging Slope-Side at Canyon Lodge with  Left to Right Canyon Lodge, Chair 22 Lincoln Mountain, Canyon Express (Chair 16), School Yard Express (Chair 17) and Chair 7.

Canyon Lodge was called Warming Hut 2. Some old timers still call Canyon Lodge Warming Hut II today. Mammoth has 3 Lodges, Main Lodge, Canyon Lodge and Eagle Lodge. Main Lodge is the highest in elevation and opens earliest and stays open latest. Canyon Lodge is higher than Eagle lodge and it is usually open earlier and later than Eagle Lodge.  Eagle Lodge is the lowest elevation lodge and has one lift and expensive condos that were built a few years ago. Eagle has the only Ski - In Ski - Out condos on the Mountain. Main Lodge has The Mammoth Mountain Inn that is a Ski-In Ski-Out Hotel. The Mammoth Mountain Inn and Main Lodge are far from town where Eagle and Canyon Lodge are closer to town.

The Canyon Lodge lifts are usually open on Thanksgiving week (Scheduled November 26, 2008 but was about 12/17/08) and close a week or two after Easter week (April 12, 2009). When Canyon Lodge Lifts are closed you will need to shuttle or drive to the Main Lodge. If possible Check the Mammoth Mountain web site for full details on rental and ticket options before you go.   Lifts are open from 8:30am to 4:00pm but they usually open them as early as 8:15 am. So if you are buying lift tickets, leave the condo at about 7:50. From St. Anton, the walk to the lifts near Canyon is about 5 min. but you may need some time to get through the ticket line. Chair 7 (3 minutes from St. Anton) is in front of the condo and is for beginners only, Chair 17/School Yard Express(8 minutes from Condo) is a new high speed beginner / intermediate chair that features a mini-snow board park including half pipe, Canyon Express(chair 16) is 9 minutes from Condo and is an intermediate high speed chair that will give you the most elevation gain and Chair 8 (10 minutes from Condo) beginner / Intermediate.

 Lift Tickets at Canyon Lodge

Canyon lodge is close but the lifts are closer to the condo (click here to see trail map).  I like to walk to the lodge via the path in front of chair 7(117 yds).  Once you are at chair 7 you can kick/poll/skate/walk to the lodge (about 250 yds)  for your lift tickets. This keeps you out of the parking lot. I suggest sending one person to the lodge for the tickets at about 8:00am and the rest of your party stays back at the condo.  The lifts open between 8:15 and 8:30. If you wait until 10:00, the ticket line can look like a zoo during holidays and weekends. The person who gets the tickets reports the conditions to the people the condo. Everyone then heads up the chair 7 path and starts skiing at chair 7 or School Yard Express (chair 17). 

Beginner (required reading if you have kids)

Chair 7 is right out front. Beginner lift tickets allow access to chair 7, School Yard Express (Chair 17) and the beginner chair in front of the Main Lodge. If you have kids or adults that are just starting to ski consider a beginner lift ticket at a discounted rate. I you are not sure if you will be happy with a beginner ticket then buy a beginner ticket and make sure you can upgrade it to a regular ticket later on in the day.

Case for beginner ticket for adult: 2 adults with children that will only ski on chair 7 / School Yard Express (beginner chairs). Since one Adult will always be skiing / boarding on the beginner run why buy two expensive adults tickets when you could buy 1 beginner adult ticket and 1 all lifts ticket at a much lower overall price. Lift tickets can be attached to clothing articles with plastic ties. It is possible transfer a ticket from one article of clothing to another article of clothing so a ticket could be used by two people... But check with the Mountain first to make sure this is okay.

Adult Beginner Packages

Each includes Rossignol Short Cut skis or snowboard rental, 3-hour daily lesson beginning at 10am, and beginner lift ticket. This is how I converted from Skier to Snowboarder. The snowboarding conversion involves quite a bit of  body impact. Wrist guards come with the package but consider a helmet and butt pad also.  Don't board without wrist guards! Adults over 30 need a butt pad.

Under 7 - Free

Your kids will not be "carded". Children need not be present when you get the 6 and under pass at Canyon Lodge but you will need to put a pass on your child for each day they will ski / board.  If you like you can get a multiple day pass for your children to save you the hassle of cutting off the free pass each day.

Teens 13 -19

Costs more that "child" and less than "adult". You will not be "carded" when you buy your ticket.

Half Day

12:30 to 4:00 pm. Many people that do the snowboarding lesson above choose to do half day on the day after :-)

Multiple Day Passes

If you plan to stay multiple days then you may want to get a multiple day pass but .. check the weather forecast first on the weather channel or a local radio station ! Holding a multiple day pass on a blizzard day can be a bad thing because you won't get a refund. It is sometimes better to buy a half day on blizzard days. Kids have a low tolerance to cold.

Season Passes

My family and some of my friends get a Grandfathered "MVP Pass" in the Spring of each year.  The cost of the adult MVP passes were about $576 for the 2008/2009 season.  As a general rule they are priced so they pay for themselves in about 7 days.  About March of each year the passes go on sale if you want to by a new pass this is the best time to buy them because they discount them. After April you need to pay something like $1,675 for a season pass.  You can buy the passes on the Mammoth Mountain web site or by telephone. Remember to have your children's correct birthdates handy before you call. 

January Mid Week Passes

I got this email from the Mammoth Mountain in January. Here is a link to info about the January Mid Week Pass. It is valid Monday Friday 1/5-1/30 2009.

Lessons at Canyon

Canyon offers both group and private lessons for snowboarding and skiing. The Mammoth Mountain web site has more detail. The morning group lessons start at 10am and end at 1:00pm.  Canyon Lodge is about a 5 minute walk from the condo. Plan on leaving the condo at about 9:15 if you have a 10:00 lesson and you already have your boards/skis. If your kids are new to boarding then have them fasten and loosen their bindings 20 times before they start their lessons. You can make your reservations in advance and buy your tickets by calling 1 800 mammoth (7am -10pm?). Have a good look at the weather forecast before making a lesson in advance for children under 7.  Bad weather causes the under 7 lessons to retreat inside for hot coco an it turns into an expensive baby sitting session (well maybe that's all it is any way).

Private lessons start at 8:45. The 8:45 lessons are at a discounted rate. You will need to call the night before to make a reservation for the "early bird" private lessons.

If you have kids that want to board make sure you have wrist guards and helmets. Check the hardware on their boards and make sure it is tight. I may (if no walks off with them)  have some tools in the drawer next to the stove and Canyon Lodge has screw drivers and wrenches.


A limited number of coin lockers are available at Canyon Lodge. Change machines are available near the lockers. I have no use for lockers because the condo is right next to chair 7.

Boards and Skis

They have a board and ski check at lunch time at Canyon Lodge.  I have no use for this because I eat lunch at the condo.

Parking at Canyon Lodge

You need to get to Canyon Lodge by about 7:30 to make sure you get free parking. The mountain charges $20 for preferred parking. Preferred parking is closer to Canyon Lodge and is open for longer. If you are staying at St. Anton you won't need to worry about parking because you will be in the covered parking lot at St. Anton right next to Canyon Lodge Parking Lot.

The Village Gondola

View Larger Map
Google Map of the Village. Shift the view to the north and look back at St. Anton


The 15-passenger gondola is a 5 minute walk (about 200 yards) and will transport St. Anton guests from nearby Canyon Lodge to The Village at Mammoth, eliminating the need for an automobile once your car is parked in the St. Anton parking garage. With the ability to handle 3,000 guests per hour, a six-minute ride on the new gondola will quickly and efficiently connect the mountain to shops and dining at The Village. The Village is down Canyon Blvd about 3/4 of a mile and if you walk down hill it only takes about 10-15 minutes to walk down the hill. Don't confuse The Village with the Town of Mammoth. The Village is an Intrawest Creation mimicking a Whistler Ski resort town. The Village Gondola is free and is a quick way down to the Village but the Gondola shuts down in early Eve