Hike to Lake Genevieve, Mammoth Lakes California

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Distance 3 Miles one way
Hike Up and Down Hill. Steep at times with switch backs
Trail Head / Directions .5 miles before Laurel Lakes. Take Old Mammoth Road to Sherwin Creek Road East  (4S08) past YMCA camp  turn right on 4S86 go up this road about 3.5 miles until you see a narrow turnout with a path running up the side of the mountain on the left hand side of the road. You will see this turn just as you see Laurel Lakes off to your right.

If you get to Laurel Lakes you have gone too far. You will need to open a close a cow gate along the way. You are not far from the turn out when you see Laurel Creek go down a steep fall like rocks off to the right.

Access to Trail Head 4 Wheel Drive Only!. It is a climb up a rough steep Jeep trail. You car can get hot during the climb. Check your water and tire pressure before you leave. You bought that expensive SUV now use it ! Driving up the road is an adventure in itself. Your passengers will get tossed around. My ATT cellphone worked on and off on the road. If you have a cell phone, bring it just in case.
Fishing Excellent; Trout 5 casts 4 fish. 7:00am 8/2/2001. Out front of campsite on northeast corner of lake. 100 yds from creek crossing. Flatish granite rocks. Small Trout but you won't go hungry. Bring extra lures. I lost both of these on the bottom.
Water None on Trail. Bring 1 qt per person. 1/2 that for kids.
Crowds We did not see a soul
Mosquito Factor Light at our campsite 100 yds from creek northeast corner of lake. Few Mosquitoes until you reach the Edge of Lake.
Other trail tips The trail down to the Lake is a bit steep and you need to make a hard left down a somewhat unmarked trail just when you loose site of Genevieve. The left turn is before a sandy area that you will encounter if you go to far. The trail down to the lake will end before you reach the lake. You will need to cross country hike a meadow area heading for the northeast corner of the Lake where you will find a trail at the lake edge. You will need to bush wack on this trail until you cross the creek at the northeast corner.
mail me Let me know about your trip.

Pictures of our Trip Summer 2001

LOST !. Those are cows in the background. We should have turned on to 4S86. lostbig.jpg (51802 bytes)
This is the trail head. The turnout will be on your left. The start of the trail starts on the right of this picture and goes to the left. trailheadbig.jpg (72137 bytes)
First part of the hike before the big uphill. up1big.jpg (63146 bytes)
We cleared the pass. Now we get some down hill through this big valley. You can see the next and last uphill ahead. We ascend to the top of that green area. up5big.jpg (62580 bytes)
Resting and checking out Convict Lake. Beyond is a view of the Owens Valley. Mammoth Airport is in the distance. convictbig.jpg (67982 bytes)
This is Genevieve Lake. Keep walking down this trail until you loose site of the lake. Then you should see a small trail off to the left. Take the small trail down to the edge of the lake. We camped around the left side of this picture. up3big.jpg (65993 bytes)
Our campsite. Creek is just 100 yds behind us. You walk over logs to get on this side of creek. Left foreground is great fishing. 5 casts 4 fish. Background left there is a trail on the edge of the lake. campsitebig.jpg (56069 bytes)
It is a fish. You just can't see it. We caught 11 in about 1 hour. Really. And I am no fisherman fish.jpg (45048 bytes)